Want to spend more time doing what you love instead of being tied up with social media?

At Set Sail, we understand that your passion lies in doing what you love, not getting bogged down by the complexities of social media management. That's where we come in. Our expert team is dedicated to taking the burden of social media off your shoulders so that you can focus on the activities that truly ignite your passion and drive your business forward. With our strategic approach and tailored solutions, we'll help you sail smoothly through the world of digital marketing, leaving you with more time to pursue your business's core goals and enjoy the things that bring you joy.

Our Mission - 

To help business owners navigate the ever changing digital marketing channels.  

Our Values - 

Innovative – We convey a sense of forward-thinking and creativity, always seeking fresh, fun, and innovative strategies for our clients.

Connected – We strive to be well-connected in the digital world, staying updated on industry trends and networking with our community.

Fun – We love to have fun as a team and with our clients.

Passion - We love what we do, infusing every project with genuine enthusiasm and commitment. Our deep passion drives us to create impactful and innovative solutions, ensuring our clients' success is at the heart of everything we do.


Jillian Lister

Meet The Team

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Social Media Coordinator

Social media Coordinator

Meet Jillian 

Jillian's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to her resilience and passion for helping others. In the midst of the pandemic, she recognized the dire need for social media assistance among local businesses. Her decision to launch Set Sail was prompted by the overwhelming outreach from entrepreneurs seeking her expertise. Leaving behind her corporate job, Jillian dove headfirst into supporting fellow business owners on the Crystal Coast, strategically navigating the digital world.

With innovative tactics and creative strategies, Jillian transformed the local digital marketing landscape. Her keen insights into the unique nuances of the Crystal Coast community, stemming from her upbringing there, give her a distinctive edge. Referred to as the "social media queen" and known for her vibrant creativity, Jillian has become a driving force behind businesses embracing fresh ideas and enhancing their online presence.

Outside the realm of digital marketing, Jillian leads a fulfilling personal life. Married to her college sweetheart, Patrick, they welcomed their son, Wright, into the world in July 2023. Jillian indulges her passion for travel, finds solace in the pages of books, and even initiated a local Book Club. She balances her busy schedule by volunteering for local nonprofits, displaying her dedication to community service. Jillian's commitment to her community extends to her role as a board member for the Carteret Community College Foundation since 2017. Jillian embodies the spirit of the Crystal Coast, enjoying boat rides, offshore fishing, and relishing the daily drive over the iconic Emerald Isle bridge. She is a graduate of NC State University with a degree in Brand Management and Marketing from the College of Textiles. Go Pack! Additionally, Jillian's impact has been recognized by her peers and colleagues, who voted her as a Local Role Model in both the 2022 and 2023 Carteret Curated People's Choice Guides by MCKRE. 

Her multifaceted blend of expertise, passion, and creativity is the driving force behind Set Sail's innovative approach to digital marketing. Jillian's story is not just one of professional success; it is a testament to her determination, her ability to forge meaningful connections, and her unwavering dedication to both her business and the community she loves.

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Whether we're at the beach, out on the boat, or simply by the water's edge, we cherish the beauty of our home on the Crystal Coast. We're lucky to live in one of the most stunning places, and we never take its natural wonders for granted.

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Athleisure 90% of the time. We believe in practicality and ease, especially when running around shooting content. But when the occasion calls for it, we know just how to dress up and make a statement!

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Coffee & Diet Coke! Absolutely, we can't live without our daily dose of coffee! It's the fuel that keeps our team energized and our creativity flowing. You'll rarely see us without a cup in our hands, powering us through every project and idea. 

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"The Set Sail team is brilliant, forward thinkers, creative, reliable, and fun! We were completely lost with our social media until we began to contract with Set Sail for their social media services. The Set Sail Team is very thorough and thoughtful in their approach to clients. They have challenged us to think differently about CHC Foundation promotion and all of their suggestions have been successful. Jillian and her team have quickly become a team I admire, trust, and enjoy working with on a regular basis!"

-Virginia Cuthrell
Executive Director of the Carteret Health Care Foundation

"Jillian and her team have been a life saver for the CHC Foundation social media."

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